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5 Practices for Effective E-Commerce Customer Service

E-commerce customer service refers to online businesses providing support to their customers in all aspects whether it is making online purchase decisions or resolving their issues to create a seamless customer experience across various channels and platforms.

With digitization taking over the business world, e-commerce customer support service has become a very important factor for success. Derived statistics from leading IT giants like Microsoft show that for 95% of the customer, efficient support service is important for brand loyalty.

However, businesses need to know that there is a difference between just having a customer support service and having a good customer support service. There is a significant discrepancy in the perceptions of companies and buyers when it comes to the quality of service.

This is because 80% of businesses believe they provide excellent customer service, but not even 10% of the customers agree to it. Customer expectations have increased along with technological development. Hence, they do not shy away from paying more to businesses that meet their expectations.

Here are a few tips that will help you provide quality customer support services

Organized Services:

One of the crucial aspects of a successful customer support system is to be organized. Even if there are an efficient process and a highly motivated team at your disposal, things can become chaotic if you are not organized.

Being organized in the service involves keeping track of customer conversations and equipping your team with tools that help them collaborate with other teams. By enabling a shared inbox, things can become transparent and easier for everyone involved in the process.

Ensure You Meet Customer Terms:

Meeting the terms of customers involves a whole host of aspects like delivering high-quality services and doing so through their preferred channel. According to surveys carried out across various organizations, more than 31% of customers reach out to businesses via Twitter.

Similarly, more than 35% have reached out via Facebook, and about 40% via online chat. As a result of this, more than 50% of business organizations are rendering support through multiple channels. This allows them to provide support via preferred customer channels.

Through a cohesive multi-channel strategy, you can customer expectations and build a strong relationship with them.

Enable Self-Service:

Self-service is perhaps an under-rated tactic to provide efficient customer support services. More than 60% of customers prefer automated self-service through a website or mobile app to resolve simple issues on their own. This saves them the time and effort of reaching out to the support team.

Along with a self-service option, businesses must also provide customers with a knowledge-base that consists of solutions for common problems faced by them. It creates greater scope for customer satisfaction and customer success.


Personalization refers to helping customers make the right choice while purchasing. This works very well when you follow every customer, keep a track of their likings, see how much they follow the market trend and suggest relevant options for them to choose from.

This applies very well in particular to the fashion industry. Customers prefer a certain brand, type of apparel, and level of comfort when they pick what to wear. E-commerce organizations can up their level of support by providing them with the best personalization services.

Take Cues From Reviews:

Seeking customer feedback and transforming the work process according to it is the making of a top e-commerce customer support company. Customer reviews are an honest reflection of what customers think about your business. By leaving feedback on your website, they want to be heard.

Customer reviews are to be taken seriously by businesses and the necessary changes must be made to meet their requirements. After all, the making and breaking of a business purely depend on how consumers perceive it in the market.

Closing Thoughts:

Following the above-mentioned practices keeps you in good stead for rendering quality e-commerce support services. If you are looking at service outsourcing, you can consider partnering up with Sapizon Technologies who are considered one of the best IT support companies.

They are known to render highly efficient services on diverse support channels like phone, email, live chat, video chat, screen share, social media, etc. Their wide range of services includes SaaS app support, web app support, mobile app support, VR/AR app support, and more.

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